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Welcome to Adult N Kids Bedroom Sets, Home of the Largest Selection and Best Priced Bedroom Sets Online!

Bedroom Sets Up To 30% OFF

No Matter what kind of bedroom set you are looking for, we are sure to have it.  Our goal is to give our customers the largest selection of bedroom furniture sets to choose from all at the lowest prices possible!  It does not matter what you are looking for we are sure to have it here and most likely have a special category that you can find that perfect bedroom set under!  We have everything from adult to kids bedroom sets, so no matter how refined your search is you will finally find it here!  If you would like bunk beds for loft beds check out our sister companies.  As for adult sets it would be wise to look under queen bedroom sets and king bedroom sets.  Overall it just depends on what you are looking for.  All of these bedroom sets are 100% customizable so you can get the great prices your looking for without having to add something that you dont want!  We also carry a line of very unique bedroom sets, such as bunk bed bedroom sets and so on.  The best prices are just a few clicks away and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call or talk through live chat!  We truely believe in customer service and you will not find any automated answering machines or customer service reps that are over seas and no nothing about the products.  Its time to experience the Double R difference!  Now is the time to get the perfect bedroom furniture that your children have been dreaming about for years, at the best prices online!

Choosing the Right Bedroom Sets!

There are so many things you need to factor in when purchasing bedroom sets for a child’s room but two things are the most important. First of all, you need to ensure that the quality is the best you can get so that it lasts you long and is safe for use. Secondly, children’s bedroom furniture should be able to grow with them so it can last you longer than just a couple of years. First off, choose the style of bed you want to get. Though a bunk bed is surely amazing for toddlers, investing in a captain’s bed will ensure the kids have enough head room even as they grow up. A trundle bed will be really handy when friends decide to spend the night allowing them to spread out in your kid’s room and really enjoy! Another very important aspect of a kid’s bedroom set is storage. There is never enough storage space where kids and their increasing possessions are concerned!

Bedroom Sets and Space.

With every piece of furniture in the set, check out the depth and width of the storage space. Usually, for a children’s labeled furniture set, the storage space may not be sufficient. Look for bedroom sets with more storage room. Under the bed storage options or dressers will help keep everything organized so there is enough play space in the room. A nightstand is also a necessary bed set piece for a kids room. You can either opt for a separate nightstand or go for a bed that has a bookshelf kind of headboard which you can use for the light and some books. A dresser with a mirror on it is also a great way to offer both storage and a mirror in the kid’s room. A sturdy one can also be used a stand for the television set or other gadgets that need to be kept out of reach! In reality, there are so many pieces in a kid’s bedroom set that add warmth, fun and functionality to the room. Look for a fun animal or cartoon theme to complete the look!

Bedroom Sets Transform Your Room!

The bedroom is one place that all of us instantly relate with comfort, safety and a peaceful personal haven. This is one place where you can shut yourself away from the everyday stress and hustle for some private moments watching the television or reading a book, even simply resting. It is therefore imperative that when you choose the bedroom sets for your personal haven, you keep in mind your style, comfort as well as the functionality of the pieces. Whether you pick up a contemporary set or antique pieces; there are a few basic things you need to consider before picking up anything. First and foremost is considering the kind of space you have in you room. Take measurements for the bed to ensure it fits in well and leaves you enough space to play around with other smaller furniture pieces. A full bedroom set is great for a large room whereas a smaller bedroom would mean you choose sleek pieces or mix and match pieces according to their need.

Types of Bedroom Sets!

There are numerous space saving designer options out there today where furniture sets are concerned. These look uber cool and serve their purpose in style. If you get online, you will find a range of bedroom sets ranging from the queen sets, king set, master bedroom suite, kid’s sets, poster beds, European designs et all. When making a choice, you must keep in mind the overall theme of your house as well as the color of the walls in your room. Wooden sets offer a more traditional look, modern sets usher in the contemporary while leather adds class. Look around a bit and do not choose in a hurry, after all, it is not feasible to keep changing your furniture set frequently! Once you have chosen the look you desire in your bedroom, give some thought to the materials too. Wood and metal are the main two kinds of sets you will find. In the midst of all these choices, never forget that the room set must reflect the personality of the owner of the room – so, keep your design sensibilities at the fore and make an informed choice!


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